MS Program in Technology Management



Number of students allowed: 30

All information above should submit to the general regulation of the year.


Qualifications for Signing up

The following conditions are needed simultaneously and approved by our department to be qualified for signing up:

(1) At work with a bachelor degree from public or legally registered personal college either local or foreign.
(2) Full time job experience for at least 5 years or a master’s degree owner with full time job experience for at least 3 years. Which all needs to be approved by our department.


Important Date of recruitment

(1) General regulations: sold at mid November every year.
(2) Internet sign up: between December and January every year.
(3) Deadline for student data information and sign up fee: between December and January every year.
(4) Preliminary examination (written) time: mid march every year.
(5) Final examination (oral) time: before end of April every year.


Exam and Grading

(1) Preliminary exam: (student data examination)
Student data examination (50%)
(2) Final exam: Oral exam (50%)


Information required when applying Work experience

.Personal job and performance (for example: performance review, work prizes or recommendation letter)

.All kinds of advanced study certificate

.Occupational license or professional qualification certificate

.Creation, production, patent or performance

.Other information that can proof your personal achievement


Related extraordinary performance

(1) Autobiography

(2) Advanced studies plan

(3) Other materials that can highlight your advantage Please bind all the materials together by order in book form and send it (prompt delivery mail) to “MS program in Technology Management” before deadline.


After completing earning credits required--Nine credits for required courses, twenty-one credits for electives and six credits for thesis or dissertation, there are thirty-six credits graduate students should complete in total. After submitting the thesis, graduate students can apply for degree examination. And students will be granted “Master of Science in Technology Management” after passing the degree examination (the passing grade is 70; the full grade is 100).