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Introduction of MS Program in Technology Management

Fu Jen Catholic University consists of 11 colleges, including College of Liberal Arts, College of Education, College of Communication, College of Arts, College of Medicine, College of Science and Engineering, College of Foreign Languages, College of Human Ecology, School of Law, College of Management, College of Social Sciences, 82 departments in total.
MS Program in Technology Management was established in September, 2001. In contrast with the teachers in the general master programs, the teachers in MS Program in Technology Management were invited from different industry fields and departments by College of Management.
Under the leading of Professor Shang-Chih Gong, Professor Bruce C.Y. Lee and the current Institute director—Chun-Kuang Wu, the history of the Institute has been 14 years. There are 420 students and 300 alumni, who are senior directors in enterprises. Enterprise talents and rich extracurricular activities are the features of the Institute.
April 22, 2005, College of Management acquired AACSB official certification, being the first certified faculty in Greater China Region (excluding Hong Kong) as the world's top 5% of Business School. According to the information from 2008 to now, 7 Business Schools of university in Taiwan are respectively included in World 1000 Business School. Fu Jen University is confirmed as "EXCELLENT Business Schools", ranked the world’s top 700 and the best Business School of private universities in Taiwan. In 2014, EDUNIVERSAL (an educational organization in Europe) ranked all the Institutes worldwide. MS Program in Technology Management in Fu Jen University was ranked 3 stars, came in 20th in Eastern Asia and came in 3rd in Taiwan.

These regulations are in accordance with Article 3 in University Regulations for Master and Ph.D. Program’s Degree Examination “Before applying for degree examination, graduate students should complete taking required courses before the official deadline, be assessed by the Institute and be qualified as degree candidates.”
Nine credits for required courses, twenty-one credits for electives and six credits for thesis or dissertation, there are thirty-six credits graduate students should complete in total. After submitting the thesis, graduate students can applying for degree examination. Students will be granted “Master of Science in Technology Management” after passing the degree examination (the passing grade is 70; the full grade is 100).



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Technology management not only applies to high-tech industry, but it’s also closely related to other management functions. In modern business society, senior directors and leaders in the enterprises should be equipped with professional financial management skills. Hence, the Institute combines technology management with financial management using differentiation strategy to cultivate future potential CEO in the techology field.
The teaching objectives of this program are providing the students with professional knowledge of technology management, making sure the students can integrate the knowledge of technology management and knowledge from other fields and apply them to the actual working site so as to solve the problems and raise decision making quality.


Learning Goals

• Integrate TM’s professional knowledge with other Master program’s knowledge and use what you’ve learned to help solve problems that occur in actual work.
• Set specialized knowlege, moral principals and forward-looking vision in order to advance industry analysis ability and enterprise strategy quality.
•Cultivate macro thinking, broaden the worldview and evaluate International abilities.
• Have Basic knowledge in the professional field of Technology Management.





Position Professor Specialties Courses
Associate Professor Chun-Kuang Wu Political Economy (Emerging Countries), Energy Economics, Development Economics Global Economic and technological Change
Professor Ming-Hsien Yang žBusiness Process Reengineering Strategic Information, Managementž Electronic CommercežThe Planning and Management of E-business Integration Management
Professor Shang-Chih Gong Industry Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Economics, International Finance Investment, Risk Management Financial Strategy and Management, Global Strategy and International Marketing, Industry Analysis and Competitive Strategy
Associate Professor Bruce C.Y. Lee Marketing Channel, International Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management Innovation and Technology Management
Associate Professor Chien-Shan Han Corporate Investment and Risk Management Corporate Investment and Risk Management
Associate Professor Wei-Pen Tsai Financial Management, Valuation and Management, Risk management, Fixed Income Securities, Financial Innovation Valuation and Management
Associate Professor Anthony Kuo Marketing Management, Business Strategy, International business, Technology Management, Organization Management Global Strategy and International Marketing
Assistant Professor Wu, Ching-Yan Technology Innovation, Industrial Strategy, R&D Manufacturing, Global Logistics Business Negotiation and Strategic Thinking
Associate Professor Ming-Jyh Tsai E-Learning, Cloud Computing, Electroic Business, Software Engineering, Information Security  
Professor Chun-Chi Yang Organization Theory, Organization Behavior, Human Resource Management, Team Building and Management, Competency Establishment System Technology Organization and Human Resource Management
Associate Professor Li Peng Yu International Business Strategy Integration Management
Assistant Professor Jiann-Jong Chiu Opto-electronic Semiconductor Devices Design, Nano Device Design and Processing, Opto-electronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Electronic Material Analysis Technology Internet of Things and Manufacturing Service Management
Associate Professor Sheng-San Cheng Intellectual Property Law, Organic Metal Chemistry, Industry Analysis, Organic Chemistry Intellectual Property Law and Science
Associate Professor Kao, I.E.Fang Marketing Management Global Strategy and International Marketing
Professor Tsai, Li-Ju International Finance, Time-Series Analysis Thesis Writing and Research Methodology
Associate Professor Kao, Ming-Sung Financial Economics Business Negotiation and Strategic Thinking
Associate Professor Luo, Lieh-Ming Asset Pricing, Risk Management, Marketing Management Internet of Things and Manufacturing Service Management
Associate Professor Liou,Cing-Ruei Economics Cross-cultural Business management

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Assistant Professor          

Lo, Tsann-Ching

Maria John Peter Selvamani                   

Interkulturelle Wirtschaftskommunikation

Frozen embryos, Catholic bioethics, Embryo adoption, Ordinary and extraordinary means

Cross-cultural Business managemen

Cross-cultural Business managemen