MS Program in Technology Management


Regulations for Fu Jen Catholic University MS Program in Technology Management

Article 1. These regulations are in accordance with Article 44 of the University Constitution.


Article 2. Fu Jen University MS Program in Technology

Management (hereinafter referred to as Institute) Regulations:
(1) Credits required for graduation of Institute are 30(exclusive of dissertation or thesis—6 credits)
(2) Our curriculum includes required courses and elective courses.
a. Besides required courses, students should take elective courses held by the Institution. If students take elective courses held by other academies, up to 6 credits for that course will be acknowledged for graduation.
b. Students recruited can apply to waive credits according to Fu Jen University Course Credit Regulations if had taken the same courses (same course title and same content) when the first semester starts. If all courses taken in the Institution score 80 points or above, up to 15 credits can be waived. If not all courses taken in the Institution, up to 9 credits can be waived after getting the permission from the Professor.


Article 3. Dissertation Guide and Degree Examination

(1) Advisers should be the professors in the Institute or full-time teachers in our academy. Professor outside the school should cooperate with the professor in the Institute.

(2) Submit research direction of dissertation and apply for the guidance from the advisers by the deadline which will be announced by Institute office in the second semester of the first year.

(3) After advisers sign the consent, submit the dissertation proposal to the Institution’s office in the winter vacation or summer vacation of the second year. And that would be beneficial to the process of dissertation presentation. Students present their dissertation jointly in the winter vacation and personally in the summer vacation.

(4) Students can apply for degree examination after the presentation of dissertation.

(5) If students need to change advisers because of dissertation title or content, the form of “Thesis Adviser Change” are required to be filled up, signed by the original adviser and the new adviser and submitted to Institution Director.

(6) Submit the modified dissertation papers to the Institute’s office to check its format after Oral Defense. “Application for Change in Thesis Title or Content Form” is required to be signed by the adviser.


Article 4. Students in Institute should participate in and help organizing seminar or related events.


Article 5. Issues that are not covered in these regulations will be handled in accordance with the University Academic Policies or other related rules and regulations.


Article 6. These regulations go into effect after passing Institute Meeting, Department Affairs Meeting and Administrative Affairs Meeting. The same procedure will be followed for each amendment.