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Fu Jen Catholic University

The Establishment of Fu Jen Catholic University

.In 1925, American Benedictine was established in Beijing and was named " Beijing Fu Jen Catholic University Affiliated Society."
.In 1927, the school name was officially changed to “Fu Jen Catholic University” according to "The superior man on grounds of culture meets with his friends, and by friendship helps his virtue." taken from <Anklets>.
.In 1952, the University merged with Beijing Normal University because of faculty adjustment.
.In 1959, Pope John appointed Yu Bin as the first principal to make arrangement for the re-opening of the University.
.In 1963, undergraduate school started to recruit students
.In 1969, evening school was officially opened.
So far, Fu Jen Catholic University has 11 faculties. The hospital affiliated with the University is expected to be completed in 2017.


Fu Jen Catholic University is the first university established by Catholic Church in Taiwan. It has been nearly 90 years since the founding of the University. For the holistic education efforts, in addition to cultivating the moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic excellence, the university is also willing to contribute to the whole society with various academic activities and community service.

In talents cultivation, Fu Jen Catholic University lays emphasis on generalists and specialists education. The University dedicates to the cultivation of humanistic spirit so that the students can lead rich lives and have noble attitude. Besides, the University has established sister school partnership with many foreign well-known universities in order to promote cultural exchange and enhance the international status of the school.

School Motto--Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Holiness.

.Truth means the pursuit of truth.
.Goodness means the fulfillment of moral.
.Beauty is the shine of real goodness.
.Holiness is the highest level of virtue.
We pursue the most exalted concept that man is an integral part of nature.


The introduction of colleges

College of Liberal Arts, College of Education, College of Communication, College of Arts, College of Medicine, College of Science and Engineering, College of Foreign Languages, College of Human Ecology, School of Law, College of Management, College of Social Sciences.
There are 11 faculties and 82 departments in all.

College of Management
Upholding the concept of holistic education, Fu Fen Catholic University foster talented managers with professional ethics and management skills that enterprises need. We emphasize on "Learning by doing" and strive to fulfill the spirit of service. In pursuit of academic innovation, we've been developed multiple learning on teaching. April 22, 2005, College of Management acquired AACSB official certification, being the first certified faculty in Greater China Region(excluding Hong Kong) as the world's top 5% of Besiness School. According to the information from 2008 to now, 7 Besiness Schools of university in Taiwan are respectively included in World 1000 Besiness School. Fu Jen University is confirmed as "EXCELLENT Business Schools", ranked the world top 700 and the best Besiness School of private universities in Taiwan.