MS Program in Technology Management



College of Management, Fu Jen Catholic University, 110 academic year
Curriculum of MS Program in Technology Management (1080906 pre-program version)





After completing earning credits required--Nine credits for required courses, twenty-one credits for electives and six credits for thesis or dissertation, there are thirty-six credits graduate students should complete in total. After submitting the thesis, graduate students can apply for degree examination. And students will be granted “Master of Science in Technology Management” after passing the degree examination (the passing grade is 70; the full grade is 100).

Rules of Leave-Taking of Students
Students who cannot go to class due to personal reasons have to send an e-mail to request for a leave from the instructor 3 days before. Four things should be in the e-mail—Name, Department, Date of Leaving, and Reasons.  Please sending a copy to the secretary ( of MS Program in Technology Management. The secretary would take note on Class Roll Call Sheet for you.