[MOE Bilingual Education Plan] Key Cultivation Colleges

  • Date:2021-09-08
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Ministry of Education Starts Bilingual Learning Plan

College of Management at Fu Jen Selected as One of the Key Cultivation Colleges


To comply with the government blueprint to transform Taiwan into a bilingual country by 2030, The Ministry of Education (MOE) announced the list of universities that received the first phrase funding for the University Student Bilingual Learning Plan. College of Management at Fu Jen University is one of the Key Cultivation Colleges in 2021-2022.  


The Plan is categorized into two main focuses: The Key Cultivation Plan (including University Level and College Level) and General Advancement Plan. A total of 18 universities apply for University Level and 76 colleges from 35 universities apply for the College Level funding in the first phase. 52 universities apply for General Advancement Plan funding. 22 Colleges from social science and business management fields were selected as Key Cultivation Colleges. College of Management at Fu Jen Catholic University is one of them and will mainly focus on developing bilingual professionals in National Key Industries. 


With AACSB guidance, the College of Management has developed globalization in business education with a great reputation. Professional business courses taught in English are incorporated into the curriculum in every program. There are 2 master's programs fully taught in English: the imMBA program and the Masters in Global Entrepreneurial Management (MGEM) program. It will continue working on improving the English proficiency level of students and increasing the percentage in courses taught in English to prepare students to become bilingual professionals for English communications and international student mobility in the future. 



Course snapshot in a class from the Tri-Continent Joint Degree MGEM program.