Scholarships & Financial Aid

For Local Students

The University offers more than one hundred scholarships, including Scholarship for Excellent Academic Performance, Scholarship for Excellent Performance in Sports, Cardinal Yu Pin Scholarship, Archbishop Lokuang Scholarship, Kung Xiang-Xi Grant for Academic Excellence, Mr. and Mrs. Liu Qing-Zhang Grant for Academic Excellence, Cardinal Yu Pin Scholarship sponsored by the Association of Overseas Chinese American Catholics, Dr. Xue Kuang-Qian Memorial Scholarship, Professor Wu Zhen-Qun and Professor Zhang Xia-Min Grant, Pope John Paul II Scholarship, Father Louis Chang S.J. Scholarship, as well as other scholarships offered by or affiliated to colleges, departments and graduate institutes.

The University also offers more than ten different types of need-based financial aids for students from disadvantaged families as well as for emergency cases. There are also part-time job opportunities and loan-programs sponsored by different sources.

There are around 100 scholarships directly or indirectly supported by different governmental entities such as the Scholarship of the Ministry of Education, the Scholarship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Scholarship of the Ministry of Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, the Scholarship of the Council of Agriculture, the Scholarship of the Council of Labor Affairs, the Scholarship of the Council of Indigenous Peoples, and the Scholarship of local government s. In addition, alumni or private institutions, such as consortium, companies, or enterprises, sponsor about 230 scholarships for the Fu Jen University students. For more information, please contact Student Life Division, Office of Student Affairs.

For International Students
For international students, the government and the University provide financial aid or scholarships. For more information, please visit the