[Bilingual Education] Outdoor English Corner

  • Date:2023-06-21
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On the sunny morning of June 21st, the international students from imMBA program, international exchange students, undergrad students, and faculty members from the College of Management went on an “Outdoor English Corner” event to travel to Hsinchu to visit the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Chudong and experience indigenous culture. “The purpose of holding the English Corner activity outside the university is to increase the opportunities for interactions between students from different nationalities and faculty members in full-English programs”, says Prof. Kai-Ping Huang, the Director of the Bilingual Education Center, College of Management. The real-life activities with various topics provide fun and excitement to boost the motivation to learn and use the English language.


The group was warmly welcomed by the Taiya tribe people as soon as they arrived Yamai tribe in WuFong village in the morning. The greeting dance and party poppers were presented by the tribal people. The group also experience hands-on experience of blessing facial tattoos, making millet rice dumplings, and archery. Everyone had a great fun. They visited the Church of the Immaculate Conception in the afternoon. The church was established in 1954 by a Spanish Father. The church was a Gothic style architecture of more than 70 years old. The gray all above the front gate was carved with a graphic of Jesus. Its rosette window and bell tower were all nostalgic, impressive, and meaningful.


Thanks to the support from the College of Management, the Bilingual Education Center, imMBA, and the Jesuit Society, students and faculty members experienced multicultures and brought diversities in the English Corner activities. It was truly successful to hold the event. There will be more to come!”, says Prof. Kai-Ping Huang, the Director of the Bilingual Education Center.