How to apply:International Student Admissions, Fu Jen University


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Admission Evaluation: Documents Review

Additional Documents Required:(1) Autobiography (Chinese)  (2) Chinese proficiency certificate or proof (e.g., transcript of proficiency test, term paper or additional documents that support your application)

Remarks:Most courses are taught in Chinese Most textbooks are in English. All instructors communicate well in English. 






Qualifications for Signing up:

The following conditions are needed simultaneously and approved by our department to be qualified for signing up:

(1) At work with a bachelor degree from public or legally registered personal college either local or foreign.
(2) Full time job experience for at least 5 years. Which all needs to be approved by our department.

Important Date of recruitment:

(1) General regulations: announced in mid November every year.
(2) Internet sign up: between December and January every year. (Website:
(3) Deadline for student data information and sign up fee: between December and January every year.
(4) Preliminary examination (written) time: between January and February every year.
(5) Final examination (oral) time: before the beginning of March every year.