In October of 1963, our university established the Department of Industrializing Business Administration, in which was later changed to the Department of Business Administration in 1966,in order to conform to the National Economic Planning and Development in developing managerial talent required by the industrialized business world, Starting from the year of 1987, the Department of Business Administration selected "Group Majoring" as a learning method for students to freely be able to select from the five curriculums in which they showed interest in. The five curriculums consisted of Marketing, Human Resources, Production & Operations, Finance, and Information Management, etc. Also, from the beginning of 1991, due to major course changes, the number of curriculums diminished to a mere 4 consisting of Marketing, Human Resources, Production & Operations, and Finance. Students were allowed to choose only one of the curriculums to attend. If grades reached a certain standard, then a certificate would be awarded for his/her accomplishment in that curriculum. Any student receiving this certificate would have better employment opportunities in the future. This is still in effect as of today. 



• Internalize connections between theory and practice
• Solve problems through the integration of management knowledge
• Create innovative applications through systematic thinking
• Use data-driven-based intelligence in decision-making
• Act practices locally with a global vision
• Collaborate social values and considerations
Future Developments
•To make the teaching and the research more substantial, Department of Business Administration is active in employing and cultivating teachers in specialized fields. Courses are designed to meet the need of the market with the concentration on the problem- solving to integrate every discipline in every field. Many famous teachers in Department of Business Administration have participated in designing courses and they will continue to cooperate actively in the future. 
•Every year, the teachers and the alumni get united to hold business administration seminar to make contributions to the enterprise in the community. Seminars like these offer a way for small and medium-sized enterprises to exchange knowledge and share experiences, which can help small and medium-sized enterprises to cultivate their talents in internationalization. The cooperation between the department and other companies, case studies and visiting enterprises will strengthen the interaction among teachers, students and the business field. 
•The presentation of case studies in the fourth year is held every year to offer students a chance to gather what they have learned together, which is also an opportunity to demonstrate their achievement to all people. Moreover, cooperating with in the activities that help students to find a job increase the advantage of students in Department of Business Administration. We also encourage students to participate competitions outside of the school, which ends in many good results.