Spring 2022, apply NOW!! (Oct. 1~Nov. 15)

Spring 2022


★ When to apply: Oct. 1~ Nov. 15, 2021

★ How to apply: Apply online and submit required documents.

★ Required Documents
     1.The certificate or diploma of your highest degree
     2.Complete academic transcripts issued by your school for each year of study
     3.A financial statement showing that you have sufficient funds to study in Taiwan
     4.Receipt for application fee
     5.Verification of nationality
     6.Declaration Form: Download the form from the application system
     7.Two recommendation letters
     8.Transcript of English Proficiency
     9.A biography with a study plan
   10.Any other materials which may contribute to the application for admission


For more detailed information: http://www.management.fju.edu.tw/esubweb/immbaengindex/enroll.php?IID=3