Step Out of the Comfort Zone to Explore More Possibilities



Kai-En Yao and Sander Nymo, who just completed the dual-degree program from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia, were posted on the QUT annual promotion. They encourage future students from Fu Jen to study abroad whenever they can. Through imMBA dual degree program, they embrace cultural differences and enrich their life.

International Business MBA (imMBA) is the only MBA program fully taught in English in the College of Management. It has established dual-degree master's programs with Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia, Burgundy School of Business (BSB), France, and University of Michigan - Flint (UM-Flint), USA. imMBA students who join the dual degree program can study their first year at Fu Jen and attend the collaborative program in the partner universities for the second year to earn 2 master's degrees from both universities. The full English program of imMBA and the dual degree program design attract both of them to join. In summer 2018, both attended QUT after they had completed the study with the imMBA program.
Sander chose QUT simply because of its international ranking, environment, and student diversity. Evidence shows that if a university is more internationalized with more diverse student body, the inspirations and sparkles for the enrolled students will be more; and the growth and development will go beyond their expectation. Sander was pleased to make this decision. Kai-En remembered his first year in the imMBA program: Because the instructions, group discussions, and presentations were all in English, the full English interactions he had with other students all over the world made him confident in using the language. This also prepared him for a smooth connection to the whole English immersion environment of life and study in Australia. He has gained great improvement in English proficiency. The training in logical thinking in classes makes his life in Australia not challenging at all.
Courses in QUT attach great importance in repeated practices involving students co-operating with their classmates in projects and group reports. These all prepare them to be ready with a strong mindset and help them cultivate skills to face the job competitive job market in the future. The course activities not only bring up cultural awareness in the students, but also help them build the human network. The enlarged social circle extends from the classrooms to the industry. Both of them believe the study and experience in imMBA at Fu Jen and QUT will become their strong assets for their future career development. They suggest upcoming students participate in various social events while studying abroad to make connections with different people, friends, and social groups. They believe the stronger the human network, the richer the invisible assets. In the short run, students can immerse into the local life abroad and add colors to their study. In the long run, all classmates can be possible future business partners. 


“I appreciate everybody I met and all things I have experienced,” said Kai-En. After his study, he hopes to utilize his experience and networks abroad to plan his future career. Sander grew up in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment, so he has always been interested in learning new things and meeting new people. He always wanted to know the Asian culture and countries outside of Europe. In the future, he expected to take advantage of his language skills and cultural awareness to build a bridge between Norway and Asian businesses for successful cooperation. Lastly, Sander emphasized that, although it’s important to study in the classroom, it’s equally valuable to experience the local life. He urges students to walk out of the classroom, participate in various activities bravely, and build a strong human network. He believes students will find their change are as brilliant as theirs.