Students from the Asia-Pacific region may apply to the MGEM program online. We recommend that you begin the online application process early and take the time to reflect on your past experience and goals. Also, since your first semester will be in Spain and the third semester in the US, you should prepare required documents to apply for a Spanish Visa, the DS2019 form, and financial documentation as soon as possible once you are enrolled in this program.  


Apply MGEM 



Application Process

Register online (create an account) → Sign in → Fill out the application form → Upload required material → Pay USD$200 for Application Fee (unrefundable) & material delivery → Receive admission note → Pay USD$3,000 for Deposit → (interview for Taiwanese students) Send admission letter


 Application Documents 

(1) Application form

(2) Complete university transcripts and GPA (4 years) (If you are a senior university student. You can submit the three year transcript)

(3) Bachelor degree (If you are a senior university student. You can submit the Cerfication of Residency provided by your university)

(4) Certificate of English Proficiency (must meet one of the requirements below) 

  • TOEIC score of 750 or above 
  • TOEFL-iBT score of 80 or above OR TOEFL-CBT score of 550 or above 
  • IELTS score of 6.0 or above 
    • Applicants who have completed two or more years of study or have earned their undergraduate or graduate degree at an institution located in one of the countries listed in the ‘Exempt Countries’ below do not need to provide proof of English proficiency requirement.


(5) Two letters of recommendation (at least one from your school faculty)

(6) CV 

(7) Statement of Purpose (Including study plan, personal motivation)

(8) Copy of Passport

(9) Passport-size photo (2inch)

(10) Application fee: USD$200 

        Applicants must pay the Application Fee of USD $200 to complete the application process.

        Payment must be made by INTERNATIONAL WIRE TRANSFER, in US DOLLARS only.


(11) Military Service Discharge Order (For male applicant from Taiwan only)


Bank Account Information 



 Account Number : 55502208325-400

 Telephone : 02-2905-3979

 Address : No.510, Zhongzheng Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 24205, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

 Swift Code : CCBCTWTP555




Total: USD$45,000 (not including textbook, transportation, flight ticket, insurance, living, etc.)

 First semester: USD$17,000 (including deposit USD$3,000, USD$3,000 is required to secure your position in MGEM after initial acceptance)

 Second semester: USD$14,000

 Third semester: USD$14,000



Additional Payment

 USD$150 - 200 for textbook or assigned cases in the class

◆ USD 40  for health examination (required by FJCU for registration purpose)


Deadlines for Application

 Register online and upload required materials: before March 31st (for Taiwanese applicants) / before July 31st  (for non-Taiwanese applicants)


 USD$200 for Application Fee: April 30th (for Taiwanese applicants) / July 31st (for non-Taiwanese applicants)


 Complete USD$3,000 payment for Deposit: within 2 weeks upon receiving admission note.