Institut Quimic de Sarria (IQS)

Institut Quimic de Sarria (IQS) is a Higher Education Center founded by the Society of Jesus, with over one hundred years of experience and an extensive track record and history in the academic field that enable the institution to offer a fully consolidated and proven teaching method. Our vocation and social commitment involve educating people in an ethical and integral manner in all personal, academic and professional areas. Due to its scientific tradition, IQS is able to offer thorough training and practical guidance:


● Academic prestige and recognition proven by the professional performance of IQS graduates.

● Practical and experimental education combined with ethical values.

● At the forefront of research and innovation.

● Compulsory internships in companies.

● Excellent opportunities for international exchanges with prestigious universities through IQS signed agreements.

● Study continuity after graduation with a Master’s degree and Doctorate.

● Furthermore, possibility of studying double Master's and Bachelor's degrees.

● Acknowledgement from industry and society, which speeds up the employability of IQS graduates.

● Professional careers service and job board.

● Personal tutoring and small groups.

● Possibility of studying the Degree entirely in English.

● IQS has two Schools: IQS School of Engineering, where scientific and technical studies are taught, and IQS School of Management, where Economics and Business studies are taught. 


IQS School of Management

The Mission of IQS School of Management is the integral education of people with attitudes, knowledge and skills that enable and inspire them to create, lead and manage competitive organizations, particularly in technological and industrial areas, committed with excellence and justice, based on deeply-held values deriving from a Christian conception of life. The Mission of IQS School of Management emanates from IQS's mission and is coherent with it.


IQS School of Management seeks to be recognized as one of the best undergraduate schools for Business Administration in Spain, and wishes to stand out for its specific Masters' programs, and for the integral education of its graduates and their capacity to manage industrial and technological organizations.


Contact Information

IQS School of Management Office


Via Augusta, 390,08017, Barcelona,Spain

Tel: +34 932 67 20 00