Thesis Information for Cohort 14 Students (Class 2023-24) 


FJCU office contact info

Office Location: Room MD1005, 10F, Paul Cardinal Shan Medical Bld., FJU
Office Phone: +886-229052701 / +886-29053979 / +886229052355

Lisa Kan:
Jennifer Huang:


1. Before November 8th, 2023

(1) Choose 5 topics, rank them, and fill your preference card which could be downloaded at the bottom of this announcement.

(2) Submit your preference card by email to Program Secretary (, and we will match your advisor as your will. If all topics and advisors you choose are too popular, we will match your topic and advisor by chance.

(3) We will proclaim the list of you and your advisor, and you need to contact them ASAP (advisors are always busy).

(4) Follow the format and submit your card on time, or we will arrange your topic and advisor directly.

Thesis Topic Reference Files LINK:


2. Before March 18th 23:59, 2024

(1) Have meetings and discuss your thesis with your advisor at least once a week.   

(2) Finish the online courses and exam of "Research Ethics" with guidelines at the bottom of this webpage. (Research Ethics Website)

(3) Email soft copies of your final draft (all chapters should be completed) to your advisor and also to MGEM office before Oral Presentation.

(4) March 21-22th are the date of oral presentation, and the order will be assigned by your advisor. 

(5) On the day before your oral presentation, the office will email you the information about all of your thesis advisor and committee members.


3. Oral Presentation on March 21-22th, 2024

(1) Dress code: Formal Business Suit.

(2) Save your slides (PPT) file in a flash drive with you.

(3) Present with a smile and confidence.


4. Before April 8th, 2024

(1) After the Oral Presentation, you must follow the suggestion of your thesis advisor and committee members, and revise your thesis.

(2) Revise your thesis and discuss with your advisor until every detail is completed.

(3) Submit soft copy of your thesis and certificate with your advisor's signature to FJCU MGEM office.
(4) Similarity lower than 20%


Note: You are required to finish thesis in APA format because it is a necessary part for graduate students to get a Master’s Degree in Taiwan.