[Honors] 3 Research Papers Were Selected in the “2022 New Futures”, Financial Futures Annual Event:

  • Date:2022-12-15
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[Honors] 3 Research Papers Were Selected in the “2022 New Futures”, Financial Futures Annual Event: 


The most well-known annual event of futures: ”2022 New Futures Academics and Practices Exchange” is held on Nov. 28th, 2022. In addition to great support from nearly 40 departments of finance of leading universities, it has expanded to the departments of Economics and the Departments of Risk Management and Insurance. More than 100 research pagers enter the event this year. 

Among these entries, 35 papers were from the National Taiwan University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Hsin Hua University, National Chung Cheng University, University, National Chunghua University of Education. The review team organized by the Journal of Futures and Options selected 19 top-quality papers. 3 of the papers are from the College of Management, Fu Jen Catholic University. 


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Research Topic: “Predicting Carbon Allowance Futures ETF Prices through Deep Learning Models”

Author: Yu-Min LIAN, Miao-Tsu WANG, Yu-Hsuan LIN, Szu-Yuan FAN, Wei-Min CHEN (Presentor), Chie CHANG, Wan-Yun CHENG, Fang-Yu LO

Advisor: Dr. Yu-Min LIAN, Associate Prof., Dept. of Business Administration, FJCU


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Research Topic: “Effects of News Sentiment and Abnormal Google Search Volume on Capital Reduction Announcement” 

Author: Yen-Ju HSU (the presentor), Tsung-Chien CHEN, Hong-Min LAI

Advisor: Dr. Yen-Ju HSU, Associate Prof., Dept. of Finance and Intl. Business, FJCU  


Research Topic: “The Effects of Green Bond Indices on the Environmental Policy of the U.S. Government” 

Author: Chu-Nan HU (Presentor), Kuan-Lin LIU

Advisor: Dr. Chu-Nan HU, Associate Prof., Dept. of Finance and Intl. Business, FJCU 


This is the 4th year that the Taiwan Futures Exchange and Commercial Times held the “New Futures” series of activities. Russo-Ukrainian War, the Covid-19 pandemic, the food crisis, and inflation due to the raise of interest rates have brought turbulence into global economic markets. The bumpy market and the uncertainty of the future have boosted the need for risk hedging measurements. The increase in trading volume all over the world has set a historic high for 4 years consecutively. In the first half year of 2022, the trading volume has reached 38.3 billion lots, 32.61 % higher than that in the previous year. It accentuates the strong needs in futures, opions, and other derivatives.   


The “New Futures” event combines academics and market applications. It provides a platform for cross-disciplinary exchange and research outcome presentations. We look forward to students and faculty members in the College of Management deriving more future developments in financial markets.