Course list(Courses marked with “- course in English” are taught in English. Others are taught in Chinese)

course catalog (2018-2019)


Graduation requirement

Required common credit hours: 90 
General Education Courses credit hours: 12 ( including History and Culture 2 credit hours)
Elective credit hours: 32
Total credit hours: 134 
1. English requirement
The English graduation requirement for each undergraduate student of the College is the level of B2 for CEF (Common European Framework ) (equivalent to TOEIC score of 750+, IELTS score of 6.0+, TOEFL CBT score of 197+, TOEFL iBT score of 71+, or GEPT High-Intermediate or better) obtained prior to the 2nd semester in their junior years.
For students who does not meet the standard prior to the 2nd semester in their junior years, they are required to (1) participate in the English Atonoumous-Learning Project and take at least 4 tests each semester in their senior years. Students who achieve the average score of 80+ in the 1st semester meet the English graduation requirement and can waive the rest of 4 tests in the 2nd semester. Or (2) take the English proficiency examinations and achieve the level of B2 for CEF to meet the English graduation requirement.
2. Course requirement
Each undergraduate student of the College should take at least 2 professional courses taught in English prior to graduation (English training courses are excluded, e.g. Foreign Language, English Conversation, English Conversation and Writing, and Freshman English Conversation) to meet graduation requirement.