China Study Tour

The trip for 2018 is OPTIONAL for everyone this year, and the trip would be canceled if there is no more than 25 students due to high cost that we cannot reach the economic scale. Besides, people who are not going to attend the trip would be assigned projects (the trip took 20% grade in Operation Management and Supply Chain Management with a Global Perspective Course during 2011-2017).


        Whether you decide to join the China study tour, you need to sign the agreement to make yourself clear regarding your willingness to join it, and the hard copy is required to be submitted to Dr. Carlos Malet by October 16, 2017. 


Time: April 18th, 2018 to April 25th, 2018 (to be confirmed)

        The whole schedule could be confirmed only after Chinese New Year (April 15th, 2018 to April 20th, 2018); nevertheless, we will come back to Taiwan before April 30th, 2018 due to the big traffic caused by Labor Holiday in China on May 1st. 


Location: The Great Shanghai Area

        In 2017, we visited Ningbo for 2 days (2 companies), Hangzhou for 2 days (3 companies), and Shanghai (4 companies) for 4 days. However, there are always some schedule changes because the tour arrangement by the travel agency and companies. 


Cost for Each One: around NTD 45,000 to NTD 50,000

        Travel agency will charge each student who attends the tour NTD 50,000 initially (which equals to USD 1,500, depends on the exchange rate).  The price has been the same since 2010 (Cohort 1) which is also the first year of China study tour. The overcharge would be refunded before the trip. 


The balance sheet of 2017 China study tour could be found in the appendix which may help you to understand what you pay for. Please understand more attendance, lower cost for each one.


        Group in and group out is Fu Jen’s school policy; therefore, travel agency will book group tickets only. Going to China by oneself to join the trip or leaving for other cities directly from Shanghai after the trip are not allowed.


Chinese Visa

        L visa (for tourism) is the one should be applied. However, there is NO China Consulate in Taiwan due to complicated political issue; therefore, applying Chinese visa in Taiwan by oneself is not possible. Here are our recommendations:


1.     Applying Chinese visa in your mother country 
The break between fall and spring semester is the only time for this option. The time of application and cost depends on the Chinese Consulate in each country. The applicant is required to contact the consulate for information by himself/herself.
(Students from 
Thailand and India are strongly recommended to choose this way.)


2.     Applying Chinese visa in Hong Kong
China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd. is the official institution authorized by China government which allows foreigners apply Chinese visa in Hong Kong. 

Most students of cohort 8 applied their visas in Hong Kong by themselves, and it would take no longer than one day to successfully get visa and passport back. Cohort 8 highly recommended this way because of low price and convenience. We Fu Jen will offer necessary documents for your application if you choose the above-mentioned options. 

Nevertheless, The Visa Officer plays an important role in the approval of your application. The consulate website states that "Visa Officers are empowered to make final decision on the validity, duration of stay and times of entry of a visa and may require the applicants provide relevant documents." 
The Visa Officer can therefore refuse entry if he deems it appropriate. Be as precise and accurate during the application process to avoid any issues with the visa approval.

Application Fee
Entry Type
NTD 10,300
Single Entry


NTD 17,700
Multiple Entry


NTD 8,300
Single Entry


NTD 8,300
Single Entry
Previous Chinese Visa is required
NTD 8,300
Single Entry


NTD 8,300
Single Entry
Previous Chinese Visa is required
NTD 18,700
Multiple Entry



The Price of Visa Application Is Potentially Changeable

3.     Applying Chinese visa through travel agency and MGEM office in Taipei.
We MGEM Office deliver the passports and other required materials to travel agency only once on 
March 1st, 2018 which will take at least 20 days to get passport back with Chinese visa. However, the cost is much higher than 2 options above, please see the cost below:

Requirement of 
China Visa application through travel agency and MGEM office

Passport: original passport (at least six months before expiration for non US passport; at least 2 years before expiration for US passport) with at least two blank visa pages, and a photocopy of the passport‘s photo and data page. (It is necessary for you to reapply your passport before arriving Taipei if your passport is going to expire.)

Passport-sized Photo: recently-taken color passport-sized photo (bare-head, full face, 2*2) against a light background attached.


 Please feel free to contact Mr. Neo Chang ( if you have any questions regarding this.