• Name: Michael T. S. Lee
    Position: Professor , Dean of FJU College of Managment
    Education : Ph.D. In Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
    Specialties: Operations Research and Industrial Engineering
    Phone: 886-2-29052653
    Email: 036665@mail.fju.edu.tw
  • Name: Yaonan Lin
    Position: Associate Professor of FJU
    Education : Phd. Golden Gate University
    Specialties: marketing, psychology
    Phone: 886-2905-2735
    Email: 065999@mail.fju.edu.tw
  • Name: Ahyee Lee
    Position: Professor of FJU
    Education : Ph.D. from Rutgers University, U.S.A
    Specialties: Statistics
    Phone: 886-2-29053990
    Email: 035868@mail.fju.edu.tw
  • Name: Edward Chung
    Position: Associate Professor of FJU
    Education : Dr. enterprise management of the University of South Australia
    Specialties: Marketing management, international business management seminar
    Phone: 886-2-29053979
    Email: chung966@yahoo.com
  • Name: You-Ta Chuang
    Position: Associate Professor (Speaker of FJU)
    Education : Ph.D. Strategic Management and Organization Theory, Rotman School of Management, University
    Specialties: Strategy and Organizational Theories
    Email: youta.chuang@gmail.com
  • Name: Carles Moslares
    Position: Vice Dean of IQS School of Management
    Education : PhD in Economics (1997, Florida International University)
    Master in Economics (1995, Florida International University)
    Postgraduate in International Trade (1992, University of Miami)
    Bachelor in Economics and Business (1981, Universitat de Barcelona)
    Specialties: International Economics and Finance.
    Phone: +34932672000
    Email: carlos.moslares@iqs.edu
  • Name: Antoni Olivé Tomàs
    Position: Assistant Professor of IQS
    Education : Doctor en Dirección de Empresas (2010, UPC)Programa de Desarrollo Directivo (2004, IESE)
    Licenciado en Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales (1989, UNED)
    Specialties: Dirección Estratégica, Entrepreneurship, Technology Appreciation & Intellectual Property Management, Contabilidad Financiera y Analítica, Control de Gestión
    Phone: +34932672000
    Email: antoni.olive@iqs.edu
  • Name: Jean Philippe Charles
    Position: Professor of IQS
    Education : Graduate from Solvay Business School (Bruselas, Bégica)
  • Name: José Sols Lucia
    Position: Associate Professor of IQS
    Education : Ph.D. in Theology (Centre Sèvres, Paris, 1999).
    Specialties: Fundamental Theology: the theological, philosophical thought of Ignacio Ellacuría.
    The Social Christian Thought: Christians, violence and culture of peace.
    Social and Political Philosophy: structural violence, the power of globalisation and global democratic governance.
    Corporate Social Responsibility.
    Social Market Economy
    Phone: +34 93 267 20 00 / +34 93 267 20 82
    Email: jose.sols@iqs.edu
  • Name: Monica Martinez-Blasco
    Position: Associate Professor of IQS
    Education : Ph.D., Economics, IQS School of Management-­-Universitat Ramon Llull
    Specialties: Corporate Governance & Financial Markets Efficiency
    Email: monica.martinez@iqs.edu
  • Name: Xavier Auguets
    Position: Guest Speaker of IQS
    Education : Global Executive MBA, IESE Business School. Barcelona, CEIBS (Shangai) and Stanford
    Business School (California).
    Phone: + 34 609 76 11 22
    Email: xavier.auguets@iese.net
  • Name: Gerard Martorell
    Position: Guest Speaker of IQS
    Education : Master on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.
    Specialties: Professional with a broad experience in transnational companies especially in strategic project developments, range launches and university – industry relationships.
    Phone: + 34 619 743 188
    Email: gerard.martorell@iqs.edu
  • Name: Jennifer Walske
    Position: Director of USF MGEM Program
    Education : D.B.A., Strategy and Policy Entrepreneurship, Boston University, School of Management, 2009
    M.B.A., Marketing Emphasis, Santa Clara University, Leavey School of Business
    B.A., Communications Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara
    Phone: (415) 722-0439
    Email: jwalske@usfca.edu
    WebSite: https://www.usfca.edu/management/graduate/MGEM/MGEM_Faculty_and_Staff/
  • Name: Payson Johnston
    Position: Adjunct Professor of USF
    Education : Master of Business Administration (MBA), Marketing and Management, University of San Franciscoㄝ,
    Specialties: supply chain and technology management
    Email: pejohnston@usfca.edu
  • Name: James Lee
    Position: Adjunct Professor of USF
    Education : AB, Politics, Princeton University
    Email: jvlee2@usfca.edu
  • Name: Anthony Patino
    Position: Assotiate Professor of USF
    Education : Ph.D., Business Administration, Marketing, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Specialties: entertainment, advertising and promotion, consumer behavior, public policy and marketing analytics
    Phone: (415) 422-4152
    Email: adpatino@usfca.edu
  • Name: Wes Selke
    Position: Adjunct Professor of USF
    Education : MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and a BBA from the University of Michigan
    Email: wdselke@usfca.edu
  • Name: Lilian, Y.T.Chen
    Position: Secretary
    Education : Stony Brook University, Master, Technology and Society Management
    Phone: 8862-2905-3979
    Email: 083241@mail.fju.edu.tw
  • Name: Neo, Y. Chang
    Position: Secretary
    Education : Fu Jen Catholic University, Business Administration
    Phone: 8862-2905-2701
    Email: 126340@mail.fju.edu.tw