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    Fu Jen Catholic University sets up three libraries with different functions and features. 

    Established in 1963, Social Sciences Library ( formerly named as Fahy Memorial Library) located in the new Msgr. Fahy Memorial Building, functions as the main library.  The Library occupies a total area of 11,100 square meters with 1,257 library seats, 500 Internet connecting nodes, 28 research cubicles, and 8 discussion rooms. Voluminous publications are available for faculty members and students. The topics of those publications are on business management, business organizations, finance, accounting, computers and information systems, statistics, economics, commerce, psychology, mathematics, applied sciences, politics, law, education.


    Kungpo Memorial Library was established in 1963, located in Kungpo Memorial building. The main collections in Kungpo Memorial Library are books and periodicals in philosophy, language, literature, arts, history and geography. Cardinal Shan Library, functions as Medical Library, with books and periodicals in  medicine, nursing, public health, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, and instructional materials for the Problem-Based Learning approach.

    Information Center
    The information center contains 15 computer rooms, and more than 950 personal computers, scanners, printers, and other peripherals. The center is also equipped with software applications that facilitate students' learning. Graduate students are additionally provided with computer rooms, which contain more than 50 personal computers, printers, scanners, and other peripherals. Internet connections are likewise available within the dormitories for the students.
    Conference Halls and Rooms
    The international conference hall located on the 9th floor of the Chi-shih Building, seats up to 185 people and is furnished with high-quality audio-video equipment. In addition, there are nine conference rooms on the same floor. Another international conference hall that accommodates 500 people is on the ground floor of the Matteo Ricci Hall.
    The College institutes many learning laboratories such as the Accounting-Project Lab, English Lab, Finance and Investment Lab, Knowledge Management Lab, Electronic Commerce Lab, Management Supporting Systems Lab, Business Intelligence Management Lab, Business Resources Planning Lab, and Network and Communication Lab, to provide students an environment for discussions and research, and to cultivate problem-solving abilities.
    Other Campus Facilities
    1. Counseling Center: Student Counseling Center, Religious Counseling Center.
    2. Bookstore: Fu Jen Publishing Office and Caves Bookstore.
    3. Restaurants: Fu Yuan Food Court, Wen Yuan Food Court, Sin Yuan Food Court, Jen Yuan Food Court, and Li Yuan Food Court.
    4. Dormitories: Yizhen/Yishan Women's Dorm, Yimei Women's Dorm, Yisheng Women's Dorm, Wenshe Women's Dorm, Wende Women's Dorm, Jenai Men's Dorm, Hsini/Herping Men's Dorm, the First Men's Dorm, and the Second Men's Dorm.


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