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  • The College maintains multiple research centers to establish an environment of cooperation with industry.
    The Center for Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
    Corporate governance aims at structuring devised mechanisms such as interest alignment and disciplinary rule to protect stakeholders involved in a firm. Corporate governance is strictly linked to business ethics in that well-protected interests of all stakeholders are positively associated with the upbringing of integrity of incumbent managers and information transparency of the underlying firms, which in turns will nurture the formation of business ethics. Inasmuch as the common goal of corporate governance and business ethic is to attach importance on human-centric spirit that echoes the mission of catholically established universities, researches on this thread is worthwhile and could be extended to various dimensions, such as academic researches, policy making, and practical applications.
    Cloud Service Research Center
    The Cloud Service Research Center was founded in September, 2010. The mission of the Center is to develop research in the area of cloud service and technology. The Center provides courses to train the talents who can solve managerial problems via cloud service system, and an integrated cloud service platform for the University’s faculty and students, small and medium enterprises, and industry consultants.
    Social Enterprise Research Center
    "The Taiwan Social Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society" (the Association) was founded on December, 2009 devoted to the core value of service of Catholicism. The Association utilizes the intelligence and capability in innovation, business founding and management, and business startups to help the small and minority-owned businesses.  The Association believes social justice and organizational profit are compatible. Small and minority-owned businesses should have more chances of sustainable development; big and profit-oriented businesses can make more contributions to the society. 
    The Association endeavors to bridge the gaps between academic research and social influences via research and service. The faculty members in the Association conduct research projects granted from the University and from NSC. Every year, the Association also holds an international conference and numerous workshops. The invited speakers are scholars and experts from academic community and social enterprise organizations, sharing their research outcomes and practical experiences. In the future, the Association will serve the society through promotion of social justice and development of social enterprises to carry out the mission of the Association.
    The Center for Market Research
    In addition to carrying out market research projects, the Center also offers courses on computer applications. Experts and scholars are invited to speak in seminars on statistical analysis, statistical software packages, and database construction.
    The Center for Statistical Consultation
    The Center has a team of consultants that provides statistical consulting services. In addition to obtaining research grants, the Center also carries out independent surveys, and trains students to take part in case studies by doing tasks such as sampling design, questionnaire design, surveys, survey control, questionnaire coding & decoding, data entry, and data analysis.
    The Center for Organizational Innovation and Research
    The Center carries out in-depth studies and analyzes key factors that affect organizational innovation so as to improve business performance. The Center also offers consulting services and carry out research on organizational innovation.

    The Center for Market Research In addition to carrying out commissioned market research projects, the Center also offers courses on computer applications. Experts and scholars are invited to speak in seminars on statistical analysis, statistical software packages, and database construction.
    The Research and Development Center for Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
    The Center researches and develops new technologies and obtains research grants from the Government or the business sector to offer consultation and carries out research projects on business intelligence and management issues. The Center has a joint laboratory for business and academic research, which uses simulations to test problems in advance so as to minimize research and development costs.
    The Center for Electronic Commerce Research and Development
    The Center has a cooperative vocational education system and offers IT management technology and consulting services to businesses. Since the Center recommends students for on-the-job training, it has deployed business IT service systems in departments on school campus student for practical training. A virtual bookstore provides students opportunities to manage a virtual business realistically.
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