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    Dean Pei-Gi Shu (Aug, 2015 ~ )
    Pei-Gi Shu, Ph.D., has served the associate dean in College of Management since 2005. He worked closely with former deans, faculty and staff members on administrative and curricular issues. He has been responsible for international collaboration projects and established the Assurance of Learning system in the college. He especially contributed in strategies for raising faculty performance including revising standards and supporting valued outcomes with rewards and incentives. For future development, under his leadership, and guided by 4 core values, College of Management will continue to provide comprehensive programs, competitive curriculum, and pragmatic learning activities. Its dedication to providing international joint/bridge programs will benefit students from all over the world to study in and mingle with students of FJU. The innovation in research, teaching, and multidisciplinary studies will generate profound academic and practical impact.



    Ph.D., National Chengchi University, 1998

    MBA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1993

    Former Deans

    Chou, Hung-tao (周弘道) ‧College of Law / 1963 ~ 1967/07
    Hsiao, Chih-chieh (蕭志潔) ‧College of Law ‧ College of Business Administration / 1967/08 ~ 1972/07
    Chang, Yu-kung (張宇恭) ‧College of Business Administration ‧College of Management / 1972/08 ~ 1988/07
    Yao, Chia-chi (姚家圻) ‧ College of Management / 1988/08 ~ 1992/07
    Wu, Bing-Eng (吳秉恩) ‧College of Management / 1992/09 ~ 1998/07
    Huang, Deng-Yuan (黃登源) ‧College of Management / 1998/08 ~ 2003/07
    Yang, Ming-Hsien (楊銘賢) ‧ College of Management / 2003/08 ~ 2009/07
    Lee, Michael Tian-Shyug (李天行) ‧ College of Management / 2009/08 ~ 2015/07
    1. Adhere to the philosophy of Catholicism and of the founding unit of Society of Jesus to become a base for cultivating advanced managerial professionals.
    2. Base on the past good foundation to integrate internal and external resources of the University and actively improve the reputation of the College of Management.
    1. To develop into a College of Management with features of Catholicism and Society of Jesus.
    2. To cultivate managerial talents needed in this era.
    3. To construct a study and work environment of high quality and harmony.


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